Embracing the Local Coffee Culture

You had us at hello


A $14 ticket that gets you a whole lotta goodness

The 2019 Asheville Coffee Expo allows you to sip the region’s best coffee, experience barista competitions, experiment with innovative espresso drinks and learn more about the evolving coffee scene. Spend $12 more and leave the area with a handmade tasting cup made specially for the event by locally-owned The Bright Angle.


A celebration of all that is coffee — the taste, smell, look and feel.

Guided by a team of coffee professionals, the curators of the Asheville Coffee Expo embrace all of the aspects of coffee, not just the caffeine buzz. Learn more about each aspect of the festival below:

The Espresso Bar

Baristas from a rotating selection of coffee shops will showcase unique and inventive espresso drinks. Each coffee shop will have a two hour window to create their inspired drinks. Anyone who has purchased a ticket to the expo will have access to free samples of these drinks.

High Five Coffee_Color - Jay Weatherly.jpg

The Lectures

Throughout the festival, thought leaders will share their knowledge about this year’s theme: sustainability in coffee. Please come back for more information on the speakers, topics and times as they are updated.

The Competitions

Asheville Coffee Expo competitions will test barista’s ability to make fantastic looking and tasting drinks in a variety of situations. Head inside Pleb to experience a uniquely Asheville take on your average barista latte competition.

The Cupping Tent

Wanna taste coffee like a pro? Join highly skilled coffee professionals as they taste you through coffees provided by our roasters. The coffees are grouped by the region, allowing coffee enjoyers to investigate the subtly between each of the growing regions.