A celebration of all that is coffee — the taste, smell, look and feel.

Guided by a team of coffee professionals, the curators of the Asheville Coffee Expo embrace all of the aspects of coffee, not just the caffeine buzz.

*kids under 16 are free!


Roasters’ Showcase

Sample a variety of blends and single origin gems from 20 of best coffee roasters in the region. Meet the people behind the brands and found out what makes them so passionate about what they do.

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Thought leaders share their knowledge about this year’s theme: sustainability in coffee. Talks run from 9:30 AM to 1:00 PM

9:30 AM //  For the Love of Birds and Coffee: How Shade-Grown Coffee Promotes Bird Conservation Globally and in WNC

Monica Schwalbach ( Elisha Mitchell Audubon Society)

Shade-grown coffee provides important winter habitat for songbirds that nest in western North Carolina.  For people who love birds and coffee, choosing shade-grown coffee is one of the most important things they can do to support migratory birds.  EMAS is building partnerships with local roasters and coffee shops to promote shade-grown coffee for bird conservation.

10:15 AM // How to Not Boil Over: A Bipartisan Climate Solution to Help Grow our Economy and the Coffee Industry

Steffi Rausch (Asheville Citizens’ Climate Lobby)

Learn how coffee is affected by climate, why a bipartisan market-based climate solution is something we can all get behind, and how to get involved regardless of partisan politics. 

11:00 AM // Meet the Growers: Honduran Coffee Growers Address Sustainability and Current Challenges in Coffee Farming

Oscar Omar Alonzo (Finca Cual Bicicleta), Liliana Cardona (Head of QC at Café Orgánico Marcala), Lennon Diaz (QC at Café Orgánico Marcala, roaster, and coffee farmer)

A panel featuring organic farmers whose co-op they are all involved with, COMSA, puts a premium on sustainability. They will discuss sustainability in coffee farming, and the biggest challenges facing coffee farmers in Honduras right now. Q&A to follow.

11:45 AM //  It’s All About the Fruit: Similarities and Differences Between Wine and Coffee Production

Emily Peele (High Five Coffee), Matt McDaniel (Cooperative Coffee Roasters), Tyler Kay (Plēb Urban Winery)

A panel discussion on how growing region, climate and processing methods affect taste and quality in both coffee cherries and grapes.

12:30 PM // Who Put Coffee in My Beer!? The Who, What, Where, When and How of Blending Coffee and Beer

Wes Tirey (PennyCup Coffee Co.), Zac Harris (Eurisko Beer Co.)

Showcasing a limited-run beer that features a natural process Geisha coffee from La Costa, a small farm in Colombia.  Also discussing in closer detail the way Eurisko Beer Co. and PennyCup Coffee Co. collaborate together, specifically with extraction methods for the coffee component.


Innovation Bar

Highly-skilled baristas from the local coffee shops pictured below will whip up some of the most unique and inventive espresso drinks you’ve ever tried. Jump in line a couple of times to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the options.

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This year’s Asheville Coffee Expo will host two competitions, a Coffee Tasting Triangulation Competition — Sponsored by Cooperative Coffee Roasters — and a Cold Brew Signature Drink Competition — Sponsored by Slingshot Coffee Co.

Watch as competitors battle it out for cash & prizes and the ultimate coffee bragging rights. Wanna participate? Click on the competitions for the full rules/