Coffee Centric Outdoor Street Faire

Art vendors, food purveyors, cold brew specialists and supporting members of the local coffee scene



Outdoor Street Faire (It’s free!)

September may be the prettiest month in Asheville. Strolling through the Street Faire, it shouldn’t be hard to see why. The free outdoor street faire will showcase interesting food vendors, artists, vendors selling whole cups of coffee and other supporting members of the vibrant Southeast coffee scene.

To do at the street faire

  • Purchase a cup of orange rind cold brew

  • Grab a bite of delicious local food

  • See what new and interesting ceramic artists are creating in Asheville

  • Bring the family along for an early morning stroll and a cup of coffee


Food Vendors

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RHU Logo - Kaley Laird.png
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Coffee(ish) Drinks For Sale

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Artists Showcasing

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Will Dickert Ceramics Logo - Will Dickert.jpg

Coffee Centric Non-Profits