2019 Asheville Coffee Expo Competitions

Wanna compete against some of the best baristas in the region? Here is your chance.

This year’s Asheville Coffee Expo will host two competitions, a Coffee Tasting Triangulation Competition — Sponsored by Cooperative Coffee Roasters — and a Cold Brew Signature Drink Competition — Sponsored by Slingshot Coffee Co.

Scroll down to learn more about each of the competitions and then head over to ashevillecoffeeexpo.simpletix.com to enter. Each $20 ticket is good for entry into the festival and covers the entry fee for a single competition of your choice. Or grab a $30 ticket and try your hand at both! Winners will not only receive bragging rights, but a to-be-determined amount of cash and prizes.


Coffee Tasting Triangulation Competition

The Coffee Tasting Triangulation Competition is a challenging and exciting opportunity for coffee professionals and laypeople alike to showcase their coffee tasting skills! Tasting competitors will seek to determine taste distinctions in a “triangulation”, by receiving 6 sets of three cups in which two are identical and one is subtly different. Competitors will choose which cup they think is distinct and will be judged by accuracy as well as speed. 

The top three competitors from the main round will progress to a final round, and the winner of the finals will reign supreme in this ultimate test of taste. 


Cold Brew Signature Drink Competition

The Cold Brew Signature Drink Competition is a chance for baristas (and bartenders!) to highlight their knowledge of flavors by creating a coffee-based mixed beverage consisting of three or more ingredients. Each competitor will present three identical drinks to the judges and will be judged on taste, creativity, consistency and presentation. This year’s judges will consist of one community coffee professional, one community coffee enthusiast and one cocktail professional.

No (legal) ingredient is off limits as long as it pairs well with the Slingshot cold brew provided!